Hi! I’m Penelope Quinn and I’m London-based content producer, blogger, presenter, pin-upper, crafter and upcycler.

Hi! I’m Penelope Quinn and I’m a London-based content producer and upcycling expert. I’m passionate about crafts, arts, sustainability and inspiring people to think about every day items in a whole new way.

I believe we can all create beautiful, practical pieces with a bit of know-how and imagination. Upcycling not only saves money and the environment, but it also allows us to re-ignite our creativity by reimagining every day things. Whether it’s a jar, a pair of jeans or packaging you were about to throw in the bin, it can all be transformed into something useful and beautiful.

For the last eight years, I’ve been dedicated to breathing new life into unloved items with minimum effort and cost. I also run workshops and write for a variety of outlets, as well as performing duties as Upcycling Expert for The Body Shop, Craft Expert for The Lifestyle Channel and Ambassador for nation-wide craft store Spotlight.

If you have an event or product you’d like me to write about, you can contact me at craftygirllifehacks@gmail.com

Penelope Quinn Craft Expert

Photo: Courtesy of Boogie Bop Dames


Below is a little something I put together with the help of the amazing Matt Tomaszewski  from Triton Productions. 🙂


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How we can work together

  • Workshops
  • Social Media mentions
  • Video tutorials and production
  • Content creation
  • Event coverage
  • Sponsored content
  • TV and Media appearances
  • Upcycling demonstrations and crafternoons
  • Set and Event Styling

Some brands I’ve worked with…



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    Hi penelope,

    this is left field…but so are you.
    Do you have a cat?
    I need content + awareness + newsworthy items – Australia based (coz shipping overseas for my products is HUGE!

    Let me know your thoughts…


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