DIY Flamingo Piñata!

This easy DIY Flamingo Piñata is just too pretty to smash into glittery smithereens! But whether you decide to go at it with a bat or not, this darling Flamingo will be a welcome guest to your birthday/office/just-because party.

Here’s how to make one of your own using upcycled materials.

DIY Flamingo Piñata 2

– Recycled cardboard – a large box should do
– Double sided tape
– PVA Glue
– Black paper (for the beak)
– Pink tissue paper
– Chopsticks
– Pink Paint
– Scissors

DIY Flamingo Piñata 2

1. First, cut out your Flamingo shape. You’ll need two flamingos, plus several strips of cardboard.

DIY Flamingo Piñata 1

2. Now it’s time for the construction. I used double sided tape to secure the two sides of the flamingo to the strips of cardboard. Don’t skimp on the tape, this is what you’ll use to stick your tissue paper to the cardboard.

DIY Flamingo Piñata 4

DIY Flamingo Piñata 5

3. Cut some small strips of black paper and glue it down where the beak should be.

DIY Flamingo Piñata 3

4.Next cut a 15cm strip off the end of your tissue paper while it’s still rolled up. Cut in some fringes.

DIY Flamingo Piñata 6

5. Working in sections, peel the back off your double sided tape and start wrapping the flamingo with fringed tissue paper. I found it was easier to start at the head and work my way down.  Stick down some more double sided tape if you need to. Continue until you’ve covered your flamingo.

DIY Flamingo Piñata 7

DIY Flamingo Piñata 8

DIY Flamingo Piñata 9

6. If you can bear the thought of pounding your flamingo with small bats, then go ahead and cut a hole in the bottom and fill with sparkles, glitter and treats. Before you secure with sticky tape, make a small hole in the top of the head, thread through some string, and pull it through the body of the flamingo so you can tie a few knots. Seal up your flamingo and pull the string back out through the head. The knots should secure it from the inside so it hangs.

7. Paint your chopsticks pink, then once they’ve dried, poke two holes in the bottom of your flamingo. These will be the legs. Secure on the inside with tape if you need to, but mine miraculously stayed where they are with out it.

8. Finished!!

DIY Flamingo Piñata


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