DIY Dino Decorations for your Christmas Tree!

Something about this Christmas has really evoked my inner child, so it seemed the perfect opportunity to have a go at these DIY sparkly dinosaur decorations that have been on my Pinterest board forever!

They are super easy and will only take an hour or two to make. I found dinosaurs that were around 20cm in height or length were perfect as they are hollow – you can use the solid ones but be prepared to give your electric drill a work out!

  • Some plastic dinosaurs
  • Photo frame screw hooks (from the hardware store)
  • Spraypaint
  • Glitter glue
  • Electric drill and screw bit the same size as your screw hook


  1. Start by drilling a hole in your dinosaur – the hole should be small enough that the hook fits snuggly without moving around too much. Test this out, then remove your hook.
  2. Spray paint your dino. I found two coats worked well! Let dry.
  3. You can use glitter and PVA to add some sparkle, or if you want to avoid using glitter, I recommend ready made glitter glue for minimum fuss and mess.
  4. Wait to dry, screw in your hook, add some string to hand, and you’re done!

I can say for the first time ever that I’m obsessed with my Christmas tree!


DIY Dinosaur Christmas DecorationsDIY Dinosaur Christmas Decorations

DIY Dinosaur Christmas Decorations


Will you be making your own Christmas decorations this year?

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone and see you in the new year!


DIY Dinosaur Decorations Christmas